Jul 2, 2013

Homemade Letter Walk Game

I saw this idea on Pinterest and HAD to make one! It's such a cute idea and absolutely free. I took artistic liberty and added shapes, animals, and a few plants to it as well. This would be great for a walk around the neighborhood or a long car ride. The person who finds and folds down the most tabs wins!

  • paper plate
  • markers
  • Write name in middle of plate- can add a cute picture. I would have kids draw the picture to give them an extra activity.
  • Write letters, shapes, animals, and objects on each "tab" along the edge of the paper plate
  • Cut a slit along each tab line- this took me less than a minute
  • Play the game!
This could be reused a few times- just unfold the tabs and start over. I think the tabs will eventually wear out and you'll need to make new ones but not bad for a completely free game. I also love the idea of going for walks and getting exercise.

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