Aug 4, 2013

Due to Popular Demand... My Wine Smoothie Recipe!

Every once in awhile I have a moment of brilliance- this recipe is one of them :) It's super easy, super delicious, and has no added sugar (I'm not going to call it a health food but that has to count for something, right?).

  • White wine- Moscato is best
  • Fruit- I like peaches and strawberries
  • Ice

1. Cut fruit and place it in blender- frozen is better because you need less ice but not mandatory

2. Add ice to suit your  preferences- with frozen fruit I only had 4-5 pieces, with fresh I add a heaping handful

3. Poor wine over fruit- use enough to cover fruit and ice
4. Blend!
5. Pour in a glass and enjoy!

See! I told you it was easy! It's so delicious and much better for you than mixes filled with high-fructose corn syrup.

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