Nov 7, 2015

How to Build a Lego Table from an Ikea Lack Table

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lego table ikea hack

I am not a handy person. I have no real craftsman skills in spite of my sincere desire to do-it-myself. Because of this I am ridiculously proud of the Lego Table I built for Baby D.  I know screwing the legs on a Lack table doesn't exactly make me a carpenter but it felt like a coup just the same. I love this table because not only does it look nice and match my furniture but I also designed it to store his bricks since we are short on storage space.

  • Lack Table from Ikea
  • Lego or Duplo Base Plates (Update 08/06/18- these ones peel and stick!)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Trofast bin from Ikea
  • 2 Trofast rails- you can get these for $0.25 a piece at Ikea customer service
  • Screw legs onto Lack Table
  • Trace Lego base plates where you want them with a pencil
  • Apply Gorilla Glue to back of Lego base plates- be careful to avoid the very edge since the glue will expand. I gave myself about a quarter of an inch of leeway 
  • Carefully place base plates in the outline you drew and hold for 30 seconds. Add something heavy like canned veggies to hold plates down while the glue dries
  • Place Gorilla Glue on Trofast rails and hold in place on the underside of the table for 30 seconds.
  • Let glue dry over night and enjoy your new table with Lego storage!
Voila! You have a Lego Table that stores your bricks and looks a heck of a lot nicer in your living room than a primary colored plastic one (for a lot cheaper!) Right now Baby D loves to climb on top of it and destroy the Duplo buildings I build like he is King Kong. I look forward to him actually *building* on it someday soon!

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  1. When I asked for the Trofast rails, the people at Ikea thought I was crazy, any other ideas for the rails that would fit the Trofast bucket?? Thanks

    1. Just go to the Returns counter and ask for them by their parts number you'll need I think one of each number (left and right rails) #129892 and 120055...You can get the parts numbers from any of the Trofast Frame instructions