Mar 28, 2018

Boys' Pirate Room Reveal! + FREE PRINTABLE

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While we are FAR from completely moved in I have finished up the Boys' room and I'm so excited to share it! D requested a "Pirate Room" and we've used it as an incentive to try and get him to sleep in his own bed at the new house.

As much as I would have LOVED to buy him one of these fancy pirate beds like he wanted it just wasn't in the budget and he has a perfectly good bed so we are working with what we've got.

Since we are renting I couldn't paint or make major changes so I had to work with what was already there. I LOVE the way the room turned out.  I made it unapologetically pirate for D while weaving a few Peter Pan references in for added whimsy.

Since we couldn't buy him a pirate bed I splurged on this Little Tikes 4 Piece Pirates Toddler Bedding Set.  I think it really helped to make the theme more evident and cohesive. It was definitely a luxury purchase since we have TONS of bedding already but I don't regret the purchase since it made him so happy. 

K is still sleeping in his Graco Pack N Play. I thought about trying to make a pirate cover for the top or something but who has time for that? Besides, he probably won't be in it much longer. When he starts climbing out I'll get him a matching bed or move D up to a twin and give him the toddler bed.

D's favorite part of the room is probably the pirate flag and it was a bargain Amazon buy. 

The curtains and curtain rod both came from Target. I like how the curtains coordinate with the bedding and give the room a nautical feel.

I put their wood toy box by the window to double as a window seat. They both love sitting there and looking out the window. I love that they have a view of the lake!

My  favorite part of the room is this sign over the dresser that says "Little boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older." I ordered it from Etsy from seller Shiprock. It was one of the most reasonably priced wall pieces I could find and I LOVE the rustic feel the wood edges give the room! I still need to paint the wood initial letters red and hang them next to it but I just haven't gotten around to it yet with the chaos of moving.

Another favorite is this pirate ship framed picture with a paraphrased psalm on it. I couldn't find one that was exactly what I wanted so I made my own. You can download the print for free here:

I rotate the boys' books so they are frequently changed out on this Tot Tutors Book Rack Shelf. I prefer this style book shelf because I find my boys pick out books more often when they can see the covers. 

I hung their growth chart over the book shelf in an attempt to keep them from playing with it. I bought it when D was a baby for his first birthday so it's not *quite* on theme but I think it works.

The final touch was this Sun And Star Lighting Lamp I bought on a lightning deal. The boys love their starry bedroom ceiling at night.

Overall, I'm thrilled with how their room turned out! I tried not to make it too babyish so it can grow with them for awhile. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Mar 6, 2018

40 Items in 40 Days Lent Challenge

***Post contains affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission off of purchases made through the links***

Last year I challenged myself to get rid of 40 bags of stuff in 40 days for Lent. It went well and I loved the idea of passing along items I no longer needed.

I'm late on this post but I decided to tweak the challenge this year. Because I've gotten rid of so much 40 bags seems easy now. I thought about what would make more of an impact on my Lenten journey this year and decided to focus on 40 items with some guidelines:
  1. Items must be mine and not the kids. I'm still donating and selling their stuff but I wanted my Lent Challenge to focus on minimizing my own things.
  2. Items must have value to me. A lot of what I donated last year was stuff that I didn't even want. This year I'm focusing on things I love but are not being used. I'm making a concerted choice to let them go so they can bless someone else.
  3. When possible, give to a specific individual. This one has been hard. It's SO easy to just donate bags of stuff to the Salvation Army. I'm working on mindfullness and passing items onto people who I think will love and find joy in them.
  4. Items must be joyfully given with no expectations. I decided that any items given as part of my Lent Challenge must be given with no strings. They cannot be sold, traded for something else, shipping reimbursed if mailed etc. They must truly be free to the recipient with no expectation of reciprocation. They should be a gift.
So far I am around 20 items into my challenge. I'm finding it to be a wonderful exercise  in minimalism and sparking joy. By giving away items that are taking up physical space I have found they are often also occupying emotional space as well. It's been very freeing to let go of what I wish had been or could be and focus on bringing joy to others now. My heart feels much lighter each time I pass on an item and see the happiness it brings to another. I'm really glad I chose this direction this year for my challenge.

What are you doing for Lent? Let me know in the comments!