Apr 16, 2018

Construction Truck Rock Garden: A Sandbox Alternative

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I finished making this play area for the boys this weekend. There are a lot of reasons I went with gravel as opposed to sand but if I'm being brutally honest the biggest is that I HATE the mess sand makes. It gets everywhere, my kids track it all through the house, cats poop in it etc.

There are a few other reasons I avoided sand including reports that play sand could potentially be a carcinogen and the fact that we are renting and I needed to make something that I could easily return to its previous state. After doing some research I decided to go with pea gravel.

We already have a TON of toys including a water table and pirate kiddie pool cluttering up the tiny garden so I decided against adding something like a giant Little Tykes Turtle Sandbox.  

Space concerns also ruled out building a large wooden sandbox. I finally had an idea after browsing Pinterest when I came upon this pin:

It gave me the idea to carve out a play area out of one of our existing
flower beds.

This corner bed already had plastic landscaping tarp under it and I thought it would be easy to make the raised bed effect I was going for so I settled on that.

I purchased the following items for the project:
  • 7 scalloped stone borders (I only needed 6)
  • 3 bags of pea gravel (I wish I had bought 1 more and will probably add it soon)
 The grand total for the project worked out to around $26.

The next step was to dig out an area for the rocks to go and to move the mulch to the center "raised" area. This took a lot of work. After I had the area dug out I added the border stones.

At this point I was ready to add the pea gravel but I already knew from researching there would be an issue. Pea gravel is FILTHY. It's basically coated in orange dirt. Since I wanted this to be cleaner than a sand box I had to wash the gravel. I used an old plastic planting pot with holes in the bottom.
***You could skip this step by using aquarium gravel but when I priced it out pea gravel was $3.88 a bag and aquarium gravel $20+ a bag. So I washed it lol.

 Once I had the gravel nice and clean I added it to the garden and spread it out. Then I added the boys' trucks. We were gifted this CAT set. It's very nice but when they eventually break I will replace them with ones by Green Toys since they are more durable and made from recycled milk jugs.

I love how it turned out! The long length is perfect for driving the trucks (and apparently toy boats lol) and the pavers on the outside make nice little seats.

I know the boys will get HOURS of play time out of this area and it makes a nice sensory experience. When we eventually move, if our landlord doesn't want to keep it I can easily remove the border stones and spread the mulch back over the rocks. Easy peasy.

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Apr 13, 2018

Fun Kids Activity: Floral Celery Stamp Paintings!

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I've been meaning to try this for awhile and just never seemed to get around to it! We finally did it this week after I made a pot of homemade soup! D loved it and it was a fun use of something that would have just been composted!

We started by making the flowers by using the cut celery stalk. I used a chef knife to cut off the end evenly so it would stamp well. I let him use it to stamp craft paint flowers. I think they look like roses or carnations.

 After admiring the flowers we decided we needed something more on our paintings so we used a single celery stalk to stamp green leaves on our paintings.

I love the final result! It was so easy and D had a lot of fun! These would make BEAUTIFUL greeting cards! I think I'm going to get some blank cards for him to stamp on next time. That way we can use them for birthday cards or thank you notes.