Nov 9, 2019

Gift Guides 2019: VSCO Girls

***Post contains affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission off of purchases made through the links***

In case you have been living under a rock VSCO girls are the new It Girl for teens and tweens. They pledge to "Save the Turtles" and bare an uncanny resemblance to 90s teens which brings me no small amount of laughter. I've rounded up some items that are SURE to put a smile on the Mario Badescu spritzed face of your favorite VSCO girl. So grab a drink in your Hydroflask (don't forget your metal straw!), put up your Birkenstock clad feet, and adjust your scrunchies because we are going to "and I oop" our way to good holiday vibes!

From Top Left to Right:

1. Fujifilm Instax Camera - VSCO girls love this thing and it's a must have if yours doesn't have one yet. Help her capture those "sksksksksk" smiles in a retro throwback way.

2. VSCO Stickers - VSCO girls enjoy covering their water bottles and laptops with stickers. If you need some easy stocking stuffers these are no brainer. 

3.  Instax Film - even if the VSCO girl on your list already has the camera she can always use a film refill. They seem to go throw this stuff pretty fast!

4. Metal Straws - They love to talk about saving the turtles and reducing plastic waste and even though they get a lot of flack for it I think it's a pretty rad trend. I'm not going to mock girls who want to reduce their footprint. I've been using metal straws for years and these are my favorite. Bonus? The rainbow colors are super pretty!

5. Sherpa Lined Birkenstocks - It's too cold for VSCO girls to rock classic Birks in most of the country so why not spoil her with these cozy ones?

6. Pura Vida Bracelets - these are the holy grail of VSCO accessories. If you aren't familiar with the brand, Pura Vida Bracelets provides full-time jobs to artisans worldwide, and donates millions to charity through products that give back. It's definitely a company you can feel good about supporting.

7. Hydroflask bottle - So I KNOW these are spendy but it's a must have item for a true VSCO girl and to be honest just think about all the plastic bottles you're saving from a landfill. It helps ease the sticker shock a little.

8. Scrunchies - I'm not sure if I will ever get over the fact that scrunchies are considered trendy again. All I can think about is the episode of Sex and The City where Carrie is freaking out about the character in Berger's book wearing a scrunchie. I'm pretty sure I burned mine on the spot lol.

9. Nike Tempo Shorts - I'm beginning to think I was a VSCO girl before it was cool because these are my all time favorite running shorts. VSCO girls like to pair them with their oversized tee shirts.

10. Burts Bees Lip Balm - VSCO girls eschew heavy make-up and opt for a more natural look. This Burt's Bees lip balm will keep their lips soft while keeping their look natural. 

11. Mario Badescu Rose Spray - I've used this daily for years so I can attest that it's a great product. Since VSCO girls are rocking a natural look make up wise it's best to keep that skin dewy and healthy looking.


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